Memory Loss

Memory Loss

Babcia Okno (2009) Waleria Rogalska
Babcia Okno (2009)
Waleria Rogalska

“Memory Loss” is a cross-disciplinary research group at the Centre for Memory and Testimony Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University. This project brings together people from diverse academic, artistic and cultural backgrounds and turns theory into practice by collaborating with experts from the fields of Sociology, Neuroscience and Anthropology as well as with photographers, writers and directors who are interested in exploring the relationship between these fields when dealing with memory and memory loss. This collaborative research which spans the interface between community-led action research and academic theory does not only contribute to our respective interests but also encourages the cooperation between the different disciplines and leads to a deeper understanding of and innovative approach for working with patients who suffer from memory loss—especially through arts and humanities-based methods, theory, and creative practices—thus improving the quality of their lives.

Liza Futerman (

I am a doctoral student of Comparative Literature and Jewish Studies at the University of Toronto.  I hold a master’s degree in History of Art & Visual Culture from Oxford University and a bachelor’s degree from Ben-Gurion University, Israel. My academic research focuses on representations of memory and memory loss through photographs, life writings and documentaries. I am particularly interested in the relationship between words and images that attempt to narrate a memory and end up undermining each other’s authority in the process, thus highlighting the fragility of memory.